Spirit Hills wines overflow with antioxidants

A food lab in Edmonton has analyzed Spirit Hills wines for antioxidants.  The results were so off the scale the lab redid the tests.  One 5 oz glass of Dande contains as much polyphenol antioxidants as 120 glasses of red wine.  One glass of Saskwatch as much as 100 glasses, and one glass of Wild Rosy as much as 90 glasses of red wine.

Spirit Hills wines available in Edmonton

Spirit Hills wines are available every Saturday at the Edmonton downtown and St. Albert farmers markets as well as in some 10 liquor stores, among them Sherbrooke liquor and Keg n Cork.

Spirit Hills wines now available in Saskatchewan

Spirit Hills YeeHaa! is not available in all Saskatchewan SLGA stores.  If your local store does not have it yet, ask them to bring it in and start enjoying summer even better with a YeeHaa!  Saskwatch and Dande are available at Co-op Liquor in Saskatoon and Willowpark in Regina.

Bring a YeeHaa! to your party and enjoy Alberta's sangria.

Spirit Hills' new Alberta sangria is on the shelves in liquor stores.  It is named in good Alberta party fashion: YeeHaa!  It is crafted from honey, black currants, saskatoons, apples and cinnamon and pairs amazingly with BBQ, rodeo and all parties.  It is ready-pour and should be served over lots of ice.  We call this loaded.  An unloaded version can be served by mixing in some orange juice and for rum fans a double barreled version can be created by mixing in some amber rum.  Find it at a liquor store in your area, take it to a party and let all enjoy YeeHaa!

Winery tours and tastings by appointment.

Spirit Hills offers winery tours and tasting by appointment.  If you are interested in how Alberta's grape-less wine is being crafted and want to experience the magic of our cellar, give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment.  You can buy wine directly from our winery at that time as well.  Spirit Hills does not operate a store or tasting room with regular opening hours, so don't drive all the way out here without contacting us first. 


Spirit Hills

Southern Alberta's local award winning winery and home of Saskwatch, Dande, Wild Rosy, YeeHaa! and Bonfire.

In a grape-less province Spirit Hills crafts a grape-less wine with strong structure and backbone expected of any high quality wine.  Spirit Hills integrates ancient fermentation techniques with the creativity of Alberta's settlers and entrepreneurs to create food friendly wines, among them a dry red, a medium-dry white, a semi-sweet rose, and two hailed party wines, a mulled wine and ready-pour sangria. Several of Spirit Hills wines won awards in the 2013, 2014 and 2015  Alberta Beverage Awards as well as in the North West Wine Summit.

Spirit Hills wines are available in some 200 quality liquor stores in Alberta and Saskatchewan among them all Coop Liquor stores and Willow Park Wines and Spirits in Calgary and Regina.  The Spirit Hills wines are being poured at some quality restaurants as they pair beautifully with the artistic food creations of some of the best chefs in Alberta.  YeeHaa! is also on tap at some bars.

Spirit Hills wines have charmed many of the top sommeliers in Alberta who all eagerly support our locally crafted grape-less wines.

Winery tours and tastings are available by appointment. Here's a little peek into our winery.

So how do we create grape-less wine?

The grape is a wonderful fruit for wine.  Its juice provides acidity and sugars for fermentation and its skin provides color, structure and yeast. In a grape-less province Spirit Hills obtains all those elements from different food ingredients.  Honey provides us with fermentable sugars, soft honey undertones and structure.  Rosehips and local berries like black currants and saskatoons provide acidity, flavour, colour and structure, and local flowers provide seducing scent and taste elements.  Just like with traditional red grape wine, the berries in our red wine are macerated in the fermenting wine for over three weeks to extract the colors and structure building flavour compounds from the skins.  Additional structure and tannin in our award winning Saskwatch wine come from our oak barrel aging program.

Antioxidants in Spirit Hills wines:

An Edmonton food lab has analyzed the Spirit Hills wines for vitamins, minerals and polyphenol antioxidants.  The vitamins were comparable to grape wine, but depending on the wine and minerals Spirit Hills wines had 2 to 10 times higher concentrations.  The shocking number was the polyphenol antioxidants: depending on the wine you would have to consume 90 to 120 glasses of red wine to consume the same amount of polyphenol antioxidants that are present in 1 glass of Spirit Hills wine.  This huge antioxidant concentration also explains why our wines do not oxidize after 2 or 3 days like a grape wine but will stay fine after being opened for 3 weeks or longer.

The Spirit of Spirit Hills:

Spirit Hills is owned and operated by the Bonjean family, whose lineage includes generations of French winemakers with vineyards in the Auvergne, France.  Spirit Hills' bees are sustainably managed and make their honey from the wild flowers of the pristine pastures and forests of the Rocky Mountain foothills.

But Spirit Hills is more than just an artisan family winery, it is a place of magic and transformation.  Just like the bees transform the flower's nectar into honey and the yeast transforms honey into wine, the hills transform anyone who arrives to experience their magnificence and magic.  People from across the planet have found their way to Spirit Hills to volunteer in the bee-yards and perma-culture organic garden.  At Spirit Hills at home, we grow all of our food, have goats for milk and cheese, bake our bread, keep chickens and hunt for our meat.  We live as closely to the land as we possibly can and our bees are managed and our wine is crafted in that spirit.  Those who visit leave enriched with a deeper connection to the wonders of nature and a sense of purpose and self awareness not discovered before.

We invite you to try our wines, or organize a wine tasting and hope that your visit to Spirit Hills and the taste of our wines kindles your sense of discovery, play, love and magic.