Wine making

The alchemy of making honey wine.

The fermented beverage made from honey, water and yeast has historically been called "mead."  Yet we speak of our honey wines because the diversity of "meads" ranges from hopped beer-like drinks to sweet port-like beverages to dry delicate food wines.  And what we craft at Spirit Hills are dry food friendly wines made from Alberta ingredients without honey overtones.  During the wine making process the sugars from the honey are converted into alcohol, just like the sugars of sweet grapes are converted into alcohol in traditional wine making. 

As wine makers we are not really creating the end result but rather the yeast, another living organism, is creating the wine.  In the right environment, the yeast will grow fast and healthy and create a nice wine, but if the environment is stressful, the yeast will create an inferior product and can cause off tastes.  So as wine makers we like to think of ourselves as yeast farmers, wine alchemists, who create the right environment for the yeast to thrive in and joyfully create a drink we can all enjoy.

We treat the yeast, honey and water as living organism right through the entire fermentation process and apply the same care any other farmer has for their animals or crops.  The end result is a natural product infused with the flavours of local herbs, flowers and berries.  We hope you will enjoy our artisanally crafted wines.