Our bees

The Spirit Hills bees are the foundation of our honey winery.  Without healthy and thriving bees, we won't have honey and cannot make wine.  In today's world of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and GMO seeds, bees are under attack.  It's sad our regulators don't take their health more into consideration since 1 out of every 3 bites of food is the result of the pollination services provided by bees.  Without bees our food diet would be limited to meat, nuts and grains.

The 15 bee yards of Spirit Hills are all located in the pristine ranch-lands of the Rocky Mountain foothills.  These areas are abundant with wild flowers and free of any chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and GMOs. For the bees this is a true paradise.  It is our goal to return our bees to the natural environment in which they used to thrive and in which they provid such an immense service to mankind.  Our hives are located outside flying distance of agricultural mono-cropping farms and out of reach of other commercial bee farms.  Our queens have almost all wintered in the Alberta foothills and Spirit Hills has its own queen breeding program to rear new queens and hives for our Rocky Mountain environment.  Every year we are expanding our breeding program to raise local queens that survive well and produce lots of honey in our unique micro-climate.  We have a mix Italian, Carniolan and Saskatraz and Miels d'Anicet queens.  The last two are queens that come from queen breeding programs Saskatchewan and Quebec which includes Russian and other survivor & hygienic genetics.  We only apply organically approved practices in our beehives and bee yards.  We are a small operation with 300 hives. We plan to maintain this size and buy honey from other quality beekeepers in Southern Alberta in case our wine productions requires it.  This small size operation allows us to know each of our queens and hives on a personal level. It allows us to keep a personal connection, not only with our customers, but also with our bees and queens.  Here is a taste of the sound and sights in the bee-yard.

Our apiary management results in a premium honey with a strong wildflower taste which carries on into our wines.  Because of our goal to maintain this level of intimacy with our bees and to optimize our wine production, we do not sell honey, but instead turn all our honey into wine.  We count on your understanding and hope you will enjoy the Spirit Hills wines, produced with the honey, herbs, berries and flowers of this magnificent country . . .  and when you drink our wine, please give thanks to our bees.