Spirit Hills' Way

Live the dream!

2012, the year Spirit Hills was born was spectacular in many different ways.  Over the past decade we took purposeful steps to move closer to the land, provide for our own food and live more locally, all in an attempt to reduce our footprint on this planet.  Spirit Hills was the next step. It offers us an opportunity to earn an income of our land as sustainable farmers.  We both have always followed our dreams, the dreams of our hearts. Often they did not make financial sense and came with risks. But we've learned that living the dream brings out the best in us, it is what makes us feel alive, keeps our inner child alive and releases our passion, creativity, love and gratitude.

When we started building this farm business we thought we were creating a honey winery, a local sustainable business, and a small retirement business.  However, as the years progressed and the universe sent us help and support of dozens of young wwoofers from all around the world (willing workers on organic farms), local construction artist, neighbours, friends, and our children, we came to realize that Spirit Hills was much more than a bee farm and winery.  All these beautiful souls contributed not only to the realization of our dream, but to the dream itself.  The vision of Spirit Hills inspired them and had a transforming impact on many, which in turn inspired us.  We now realize that Spirit Hills is much more than a honey winery.  It is a place of transformation and nurturing of the soul.  Not something we built, but something we allowed to rise-up with the help of many.  Spirit Hills has grown into a true family farm and winery in which our oldest son, Bjorn, works full time as our wine maker, our daughter, Amber, works in sales, marketing and administration and our other son Fabian takes care of our vehicles while setting up his own business and his wife, Heather helps out in sales. We've also permanently adopted one of our wwoofers, Florrie. She takes care of all our design work and together with her 2-year old daughter, Elodie, looks after the family garden. Clayton her husband helps out in the apiary and will probably manage the bees as of next year as I shift my attention to the new orchard and vineyard we are starting. We still attract volunteers from around the world and love to share what we have learned with both customers and volunteers.  In the end, Spirit Hills is much bigger than we are and we can only be grateful to be a part of it.

Our homesteading lifestyle has instilled in us a great appreciation for the daily miracles of nature and a gratefulness for how Mother Earth and this universe provide for us.  We don't see our daily work as a chore, but rather as an opportunity to learn and develop skills and a chance to play and be creative.  Our love for exquisite food and wine is grounded in our European roots and our access to organic home grown vegetables, home made cheese and bread, free range eggs and wild game.  And we love to share, the food, the wine, everything we learned and discovered over the years and the play :-)  It is our way to give thanks for all we have been provided with.

We try to capture the spirit of this magical land in the wine we make by using only organic ingredients, local flowers and berries and honey from our sustainably managed bees which make their honey from the wildflower nectar they gather in the pastures and forests of the Rocky Mountain foothills ranches.

We welcome you to visit Spirit Hills, to tour the winery and come taste some of our wines and we hope that the spirit of this land will also inspire you.  And if during your visit you would like to go for a walk through our gardens, visit our chickens or bees, or learn about homesteading, meadmaking, perma-culture, and bees, feel free to ask us and we will happily share.

Carpe Diem!

Ilse and Hugo