Christmas in your mouth!

A warm blanket around your heart!

Bonfire is taking Southern Alberta by storm, and it is warming hearts and melting colds.  It is a traditional European winter wine.  Bonfire will warm up your soul on those cold winter days.  Bonfire is a dry young red honey wine made from pure Alberta berries, black currants and saskatoons.  The berry notes make it a great base for a perfectly balanced mulled wine.  Very easy to create with the recipe on the back of the bottle and the spices that come with it.  This is what Europeans warm up with on cold winter days and around Christmas.  It will warm you to the bone after a day of skiing, hockey, tobogganing or ice fishing.  The perfect wine for Alberta winter enjoyments. 

The key in making a spectacular mulled wine is to expose to wine only for a short period to heat in order to not loose most or all of the alcohol.  Bonfire's recipe allows you to maintain most of the alcohol while providing you with an extra-ordinary warm and soothing red wine sensation on the palate.  It will make any cold winter day smell like Christmas and taste like Christmas. 

Bonfire Recipe (the most delicious way to warm up on cold winter days after a day of tobogganing, skiing or a game of hockey).

Mix 3/4 cup of water with a half cinnamon stick, 6 cloves and 1/3 cup of sugar. 

Let the mixture simmer uncovered for 15 minutes.

Strain (or scoop) out the herbs.

Add 1 bottle of Bonfire.

Heat but don't boil (this will only take a few minutes - a good indication that the brew is ready is when you see steam rising from the pot - but taste is what will confirm the right temperature - warm and soothing - not too hot)

Serve hot & enjoy!

Keep warm in a thermos.

And in case you would have anything left, put it in the fridge and whenever you feel like it, pour some in a cup and warm it in the microwave. 

Bonfire pairs great with Alberta winters.

Seasonal wine during winter.